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Bean Counters Coffee House is the brainchild of Len Titone.  Although Len is a CPA, please try not to hold that against him!  Way back when, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (ok, so it was Indiana, and it was December 2011), Len decided it was time to uproot from the Midwest after living  there 25 years (and 25 years before that on Long Island NY....ok, so that makes this the 29th anniversary of his 21st birthday right?), and relocate to Florida.  His Indiana CPA firm was located right next to a coffee house.  How convenient....meet with a client, and buy them a cup of coffee.  Well, as fiscally responsible as accountants are (read "cheap"), Len decided maybe he should just own the coffee house too, that way, he won't have to spend money on his clients (got the idea from Scrooge I think). 

Enter Bean Counters Coffee House.  For those of you too young to know, or not from the Northeast, the first accountants used an abacus (strings of beans tied together to sticks) to calculate their formulations....hence the term "bean counter".  So why not have two companies - Bean Counters Coffee House, and Bean Counters CPA and Tax Advisors (who says accountants can't be creative)

Realizing that coffee wasn't "perky" enough, and accounting was very "taxing", Len decided to "jazz" things up a bit with music...open jam, ballroom dance, open dance, open mic, spoken word The 5:30 Emergency Phone Call Band (yeah, there's a story behind that one too....but for another day) was formed to delighted audiences all over the world (well, to Len, and his children - from South America).

So give us a try coffee, music and taxes......a true one of a kind!